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            Our 3 bundle shower eucalyptus hanging decor set is one way to spruce up your shower experience! 

It comes with 3 different fresh eucalyptus bundles about 12" in length paired with dried lavender, dried assorted roses, and dried wheat. The eucalyptus will dry out naturally over time and match the other dried flowers, but you get to experience the great benefits of fresh eucalyptus until that happens.

Sizing is 12" in width and each bundle is about 12" long making it great for almost any size shower. We provide a stainless steel hook to place anywhere in your shower or wall so you can decorate how you want to or you can hang it on your shower head.

This can also be used as decor anywhere in your house. If you get tired of it, simply cut the twine holding them together and put them in a vase throughout your home!

While it is likely that you will have a scent from these, that can not be guaranteed. We do not put directions on the packaging to release the scent due to the fragility of the dried flowers. We use the freshest eucalyptus and dried lavender from our farm in North Carolina and since it is a natural product, it could have some blemishes but it will not compromise the quality of the bundles.

ORDER IN TIME: If this is a gift, please give the product ample time to arrive. Order earlier rather than later. When it arrives, please open the box and gift it, even if it’s early. Nobody dislikes an early gift. But if it remains in the box, it can dry out, rot, and lose its appeal.

Shower Eucalyptus Bundle Set | Fresh Shower Plants | Home Decor | Flower Arrang

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