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            An unofficial anatomical art project, re-imagining the entire first generation through the lens of modern biology. This fan-made book will never be sold in stores! This is the original book by the actual author, and it will only be sold here. Quality Guaranteed! Don't fall for all the fake books and scam sellers

You can get this incredible scientific world in print in a high-quality, fully illustrated, unofficial guidebook, designed to help people of all ages understand the power that's inside!

This book is over 300 pages long and contains over 160 scientific illustrations covering all 151 of the first generation, with full page anatomical illustrations for each entry as well as detailed descriptions of their biology, behavior, and abilities.

This book is suitable for all ages but designed to be most comprehensible for ages 10+
It is designed to clarify and explain diverse scientific concepts like DNA, body systems, hereditary traits, and adaptation all through the wonder and weirdness of classic characters!

You can also get the sequel at checkout!

Scientific Guide to Gen 1 - Rare Edition Biology Artbook - Anatomy Coffee-Table

SKU: 1659021173
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