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            The Poth-O-Carry® Original was designed to hold Pothos (and other plants) at the top of your fish tank, with the bottom of their stalk dipped in, the leafy part on top.  The plant will drink in the delicious fertilized water from your fish tank and thrive!  As a thank you, the plant will slurp up the excess nitrate in your tank, decreasing the frequency of water changes required. It's a total win-win.  Pothos also has the added benefit of absorbing airborne toxins in your home! Pretty cool. 

The Poth-O-Carry®, while originally designed for pothos, will also hold other plants, including lucky bamboo, spider plants, purple heart, orchids, etc. Basically, if it thrives in an aquaponic environment, and fits down the tube, you're in. Some plants do better at nitrate absorption than others, but sometimes ya just want pretty flowers or something. well that's just fine with Poth-O-Carry®. It needs less than 4" space on your tankside.

I have a number of other designs in my store, take a look!

If you are of a mind to be growing out plants, and then want to transplant to other areas, the Poth-O-Carry® Plus may be for you. It features a removable faceplate that preserves both stalk and root system for happy transplant. Check out my store to find the Poth-O-Carry® Plus.

I also make the Poth-O-Carry® Sweet, which is designed for sweet potatoes. If you've never heard of it, you're probably thinking "whaaaaa?" well, people do it! Again it's for nitrate absorption, and the root growth in the tank is exceptional cover for the fish.

The Poth-O-Carry® Versa is a 3.5" adjustable height pot for your tank, if your above-water plant requires a substrate to be rooted in, with root tabs etc.

The Poth-O-Carry® Original holds up to 5 x .5" diameter pothos or other plant stalks above your aquarium for easy viewing, and great root growth. Available in some different colors. These are mainly made to order, so please have patience with large requests!

Poth-O-Carry® clips to the inside of the tank using gravity as the stabilizing agent. To keep Poth-O-Carry® happy on a tank, the bulk of the weight of the plant must extend above or in front of the tubes.

Want to hold your plants further down the tank wall? Check out my Poth-O-Carry® Original: Rail Edition in the listings. It uses the "Versa" rail system to move your Poth-O-Carry® up and down almost 6"!

Available in CUSTOM SIZE back clips! Use the drop-down menu to match, and send me a message in the purchase window - I need your total rim thickness, and the length from the inner glass to the inner tip of the rim.

Looking to buy in bulk? Check out my store for a 4-pack option :D

Poth-O-Carry® Original: Aquarium Rim Pothos Holder

SKU: 807726737
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