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            Ships free with tracking. You'll receive 3, 5, 10 different varieties of house plant cuttings for propagation. I send a nice variety with no duplicates. 

My collection is constantly rotating and changing so the cuttings in this Mystery Box may include any combination of varieties from over 200 plants that I have (and constantly growing).

If you have any issues at all with your order, please take a photo and reach out to me. I will do my very best to make things right. Happy customers are very important to me! **Please do this **BEFORE** leaving a negative comment review!** If you're happy with your order when you receive it, please consider leaving a review. It really does help my little shop! Thank you!



The plants you receive will vary in cutting type. When I refer to a cutting in this listing it means it may be a single leaf, a node and a leaf, a top cutting, a branch, it may have roots and it may be unrooted. I'll send ones that are rooted if I have them but I DO NOT guarantee this.


Each cutting will be labeled so you know exactly what the cutting/plant is.


I take great pride and care in the products that I send out. They are all packed with love and I try to provide a beautiful presentation with the packaging (who doesn't like pretty things!?!), so they make a great gift as well. If you'd like a small gift card added for free, please let me know in the notes at checkout and what you'd like it to say.

I include free items with every order. This may be extra cuttings, a tiny plant, a cute pot, stickers, seeds, plant markers, pot stickers, a trinket or who knows what I might come up with... it changes all the time :)

The cuttings will be wrapped in a damp paper towel or packaged with a small amount of sphagnum moss to keep them moist during shipping. I then wrap them in either saran wrap or a small bag to hold the moisture in. A few types will be packaged in a soil mix or perlite.


If you're unsure of what a cutting or node is or how to propagate, please research before purchasing. I do include a very basic guide with each order to help you get started the day they arrive. If you have any questions or need help, you can always reach out to me!


The cuttings are always fresh and I usually ship on Mon-Wed. During busy times I may ship Mon-Fri. I provide tracking numbers with every order.

Once your package has been scanned in by the post office, all delivery inquiries should be directed to USPS. I'm not responsible for lost, delayed, stolen or damaged packages or weather conditions (heat or cold). If there is any issues with your delivery, I advise you to take photographs of your package before and after opening. USPS may want this for documentation. You agree to these shipping terms and understand the risk of receiving plants through the mail when purchasing.


I really try my best to make sure my customers are always happy, this is extremely important to me and the livelihood of my shop. Plants are living things and some browning, leaf drop or drooping, wilting or yellowing is normal from being cut, the weather and the stress of shipping. The cutting should still be good and viable. If the cutting is rotted, yucky or completely dried out (crumbly) upon arrival, take photos the day of delivery and please reach out to me. I will do my best to make things right. Please do this **BEFORE** leaving a negative comment or review!

Happy Planting :)

Interested in planters with cuttings?

These houseplant mystery boxes make great gifts for plant lovers, gardeners, houseplant enthusiasts, birthday present, anniversary, bridal gift, bridesmaid gift, Christmas, valentine's day, mothers day, fathers day, shower favor, housewarming gift, coworker gift or just as a unique thank you or thoughtful gift for mother, mom, wife, girlfriend, best friend, daughter, daughter in law, sister, aunt, grandma, grandmother, niece, dad, father, husband, son, brother, uncle, nephew, grandpa, grandfather, family, friends or colleagues. Who wouldn't love a pretty box of houseplant cuttings for propagation!

My collection is constantly rotating and changing so the cuttings in this Mystery Box may include any of the following types and more:

Aureum Emerald
Aureum Glacier
Aureum Global Green
Aureum Golden
Aureum Hawaiian
Aureum Variegata Giant Hawaiian
Aureum Jade
Aureum Manjula
Aureum Marble Queen
Aureum Neon
Aureum N’Joy
Aureum Pearls & Jade
Aureum Snow Queen
Pinnatum Baltic Blue
Pinnatum Cebu Blue

Araceae Birkin, White Wave
Brandtianum Brandi, Silver Leaf
Burle-marxii, Burle Marx
Hederaceum Green Heart-Leaf
Hederaceum Lemon Lime, Golden Goddess, Malay Gold
Hederaceum Brasil, Variegated Heart-Leaf
Micans Velvet Leaf
Pedatum Oak Leaf

Pictus Argyraeus, Silver Philodendron
Pictus Exotica, Silver Satin Pothos
Pictus Silver Splash
Pictus Silvery Ann
Treubii Moonlight, Sterling Silver

Carnosa Chelsea
Carnosa Compacta, Hindu Rope Plant, Krinkle Kurl
Carnosa Compacta Variegata
Carnosa Exotica Tricolor
Carnosa Krimson Queen
Carnosa Rubra, Krimson Princess
Curtisii, Curtis's Hoya
Burtoniae, DS-70
Lanceolata Bella, Miniature Wax Flower

Common English
Gold Dust

Linearis String Of Needles
Woodii String of Hearts, Rosary Vine
Woodii Variegata, String Of Hearts Variegated
Woodii Silver Glory, Silver String of Hearts
Woodii Orange River, String of Hearts
Woodii Pretty PK, Pearl Moon, String of Hearts
Woodii String of Arrows
Woodii Heartless, String Of Spades, String Of Daggers

Citriformis String Of Tears
Herreanus String Of Raindrops, String Of Watermelon, String Of Beads
Peregrinus String Of Dolphins
Radicans String Of Bananas, String Of Fish hooks
Rowleyanus String Of Pearls
Rowleyanus F. Variegatus, String Of Pearls Variegated

Nummularia String Of Nickels, Dragon Jade

Perforata String of Buttons
Pellucida Petite Bicolor, Little Missy

Capensis String of Pickles, String Of Rubies, Ruby Necklace, Little Pickles

Comosum Bonnie, Curly
Comosum Hawaiian
Comosum Green
Comosum Variegatum, Variegated
Comosum Reverse Variegatum, Reverse Variegated

Variegatum Bravo
Variegatum Dreadlocks
Variegatum Gold Dust
Variegatum Mammy, Mamey Croton
Variegatum Petra

Karstenianum Peru
Little Miss

Angulata, Diamond, Beetle Plant
Argyreia, Watermelon Peperomia
Clusiifolia Isabella
Orba, Pixie Lime Variegated
Obtusifolia Green
Obtusifolia Marble
Polybotrya, Pilea Raindrop, Raindrop Plant, Teardrop Money Plant
Prostrata String of Turtles, Creeping Peperomia
Scandens Variegata Cupid, Cupid Vine Variegated, False Philodendron

Tetrasperma, Mini Monstera

Albolineatum, Arrowhead Plant
Erythrophyllum, Red Arrow Plant
Podophyllum Batik
Podophyllum Berry Allusion
Podophyllum Confetti, Milk Confetti
Podophyllum Emerald Gem, Arrowhead Vine, African Evergreen
Podophyllum Green Splash
Podophyllum Mango Allu

Plant Cuttings Mystery Box For Propagation Houseplant Starts Clippings Gift For

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