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            ALL orders require you to purchase ANY 2 plants!

Shipping can range depending on plants grow time and availability. Feel free to message us if you have plants picked out but would like a better idea when they would ship!

Please note that we are a small business and are doing our best to take care of all our customers, feel free to double message us to get a quicker response.

Nepenthes lady luck (carnivorous)

We take pride in our packaging to allow for a safe delivery. Please note that it is completely normal for a shipped plant to come with a few yellow or dead leaves, especially if shipping to a very hot or cold climate! These are live plants! GoldenGreeneryCo does our best to minimize the stress by working with USPS to minimize the time the plants are in transit. If your plant(s) come damaged, please send photos of the damages within 24 hours of USPS delivery.

All orders are shipped USPS priority mail. If the weather in your area is cold please order the "heat pack" or "winter shipping insurance" option for your plants shipment.

If your plants arrive damaged by the cold weather during winter, we will issue a refund if you have purchased the winter shipping insurance! Just purchase our winter shipping insurance with your order and up to 6 of your plants will have a money back guarantee in the event they are damaged by the cold weather.

If your plants arrive damaged please notify us and send pictures of all the damages within 24 HOURS of delivery. We will do our best to replace them or refund as needed. Thank you for supporting our small business and Happy Planting!

ALL Order Cancellations must be done within 24hrs of purchase. Orders that are already packaged, prepared, or shipped will not be canceled.

Nepenthes Lady Luck starter plant **(ALL starter plants require you to purchase

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