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            You Choose 5 or 10  Mystery box plant cuttings for your propagation station! 

🎁 This is perfect as a plant lover gift, birthday gift or a housewarming gift! just add on a propogation station to your order and I will package your order as a gift and include your personal message. Don’t forget to check the gift wrapping option at checkout.

My mystery box contains common house plants and not so common varieties.

All cuttings are unrooted, dipped in rooting hormone and wrapped in 100% natural biodegradable cellulose sponge. They are then wrapped in plastic to conserve moisture. All cuttings are harvested from the mother plants in my personal plant collection. My mother plants are my pride and joy. As such they are regularly monitored for pests and are watered with rain water and organic fertilizer. I try not to duplicate cuttings, however due to seasonal changes in my mother plants in some occasions you may receive a duplicate. If this is the case I will not send more than one duplicate. I recommend doubling your order to receive repeats if you are wanting to more quickly fill out a pot. Each cutting will be clearly labeled and easy to follow rooting instructions will be provided with your order.

The average time for cuttings to send out roots is 3-4 weeks depending on the type of plant and the growing conditions in your home. Some cutting may take longer as is the case with most Philodendron and Monstera. While I can’t guarantee every cutting will grow I am more than happy to answer any questions you may have to help you succeed.

I will be adding new plants to this listing every couple of weeks! ☘️ Here are a few examples, but not a guarantee, of what you might get:

Snake Plant- Yellow Sansevieria
Snake Plant- Zeylanika Sansevieria
Snake Plant- Bantel's Sensation
Golden Pothos
Marble/Snow Queen Pothos
Manjula Pothos
Global Green Pothos
Cebu Blue Pothos
Baltic Blue Pothos
Exotica Pothos (scindapsus)
Silver Satin Pothos (Scindapsus Pictus)
Moonlight Treubii Pothos (scindapsus)
Brasil Philodendron
Micans Philodendron
Silver Stripe Philodendron
Golden Goddess Philodendron
Burl Marx Philodendron
Mini monstera - Rhaphidophora Tetrasperma
Monstera Peru
Swiss Cheese Plant- Monstera Adansonii
String of Hearts
Variegated String of Hearts
Spider Plant
ZZ Plant Green
ZZ Raven
Confetti Arrowhead plant - Syngonium
Albo Arrowhead plant - Syngonium
Batik Arrowhead plant - SyngoniumBurro’s tail
Quadricolor Tradescantia
Spathacea Oyster Plant Tradescantia
Callisia Repens (Pink Panther, Pink Lady)
Fluminensi Variegated Tradescatia
Tradescantia Albiflora
Hoya Krimson Princess
Hoya Chelsea
Begonia Lucerna Angel Wing
Begonia Maculata Polka Dot
Begonia Cracked Ice
Begonia Miss Mummy
Thanksgiving Cactus
Ric Rac Cactus
Pickle Plant Succulent
Various Succulents
Peperomia Watermelon
and more added monthly!



All plants are shipped on Friday or Monday as I have found shipping these days will cut transit time and lessen the shipping stress on the plant. My goal is to package each order with care to insure you receive plants in the best condition possible. Returns are not accepted, however If there is a problem with your order please message me within 24 hours of your delivery receipt. In the event your plant has arrived damaged, please include photos within 24 hrs.

❄️ COLD WEATHER SHIPPING: Please add a heat pack to your order if temps are below 45! If your local temperature is below freezing please notify me. I will work with you to find a window of time where your plants can arrive safely to their new home.

Mystery Plant Box Cuttings for propagation plant starion ZZ Plant Philodendron

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