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So you have a MUFGA/IDoo Indoor Hydroponic Gardening System, yeah?

You should be familiar with the plant support rods that come with these systems.
Have you ever looked down the holes where these rods are placed?
If not, take a look. You'll notice that you can see water. These holes go straight through into your water reservoir.
It seems this is by design seeing how the support rods are also follow. The thought assumed here is to allow more air into the tank for water aeration?
However, having open holes on the plant deck allows light into the reservoir. Just like leaving unused plant holes open can lead to algae growth in the reservoir, so can these little rod support holes.

We've come up with these plugs as a solution!

Not only will these plugs help block light from getting into the reservoir, but it will also reduce the noise levels of the water while the pump is running! So it's a win/win!

Pickup a set of these plugs to help prevent algae growth so your plants can thrive while also making your countertop garden quieter than ever!

The garden shown is featuring the pink plugs!
Nothing else is included in this purchase other than the plugs.

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MUFGAIDoo Indoor Hydroponic Gardening System - Support Rod Hole Plugs

SKU: 1647317840
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