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            Money plant seeds:

These highly ornamental wildflowers have been prized since colonial times. I remember growing up and my mom had a copper vase with this inside. 
Money plant goes by many names, including silver pennies, honesty plant, and moon plant. These were grown in bountiful clusters in gardens so they could be harvested for the ample seed pods which resemble shiny coins in the sun. 

This plant will first bloom and fill with highly fragrant purple blooms. These are renowned for attracting butterflies. These will die off and in their place, flat coin-shaped pods will form. Around fall (August-September), you can cut and hang the branches to dry in a cool dark place.

If left as is, the coins have a slightly bronzed appearance. There is an outer coating or husk that can be removed to reveal the natural silvery/pearl color underneath. These are drought tolerant and love the shade, part shade, or full sun. They are low maintenance and extremely easy to grow. 

Maturity date: 70-90 days

Money Plant (heirloombiennial) seeds: Honesty plant, silver pennies, moon plant

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