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            SOOTHING KINETIC WIND SPINNER - Clean lines and crisp angles paired with natural stone create a stunning visual display in our modern kinetic wind sculpture. The calming, Asian-inspired wind spinner is a perfect accent for any Japanese garden, rock garden, yard, lawn, patio or outdoor space.

SMOOTH ROTATION IN ANY WEATHER - Perfectly balanced to easily rotate in a gentle breeze or gusty high winds. This kinetic wind spinner features a clean modern design with unique movement. The outer frame rotates around the inner frame creating the illusion of change.

SIMPLE INSTALLATION - Simply press the two-prong stake into the ground with your foot, then, connect the inner frame and rotating top, Then slip them onto the stake and your done. The overall height after install is 43.5” from the ground up.

DURABLE POWDER COATED FINISH OR BARE STEEL- Constructed with heavy duty carbon steel, this kinetic wind sculpture is available in bare steel which will develop a beautiful rusty patina when exposed to the elements, or a durable matte black powder coated finish that will withstand the elements year after year. The zen rock cairn is made with 3 naturally tumbled lava rocks, creating a unique focal point.

HANDMADE IN THE USA - At Aura Life we take pride in creating handmade unique metal yard art, sculptures, spinners, home decor accents, fountains for homes, businesses and more. Each piece is visually soothing, promoting calm relaxation

Overall width: 23.5"
Overall height: 51.5”
Above ground height after installation: 43.5”

Modern Zen Kinetic Wind Spinner | Metal Yard Art Garden Sculpture | Outdoor Ste

SKU: 1542544411
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