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            Ficus Lyrata is also commonly known as Fiddle-leaf Fig, Fiddle-leaf, Banjo Fig, Lyre-leaf Figtree. Ficus Lyrata is a perennial evergreen tree, which can be a wonderful decoration for any interior, as it has a spectacular unusual appearance due to large “ribbed” leaf plates. The leaves resemble a musical instrument in shape and pattern, so they are compared with violin. The leaves are shiny, green, very large, up to 18 inches long, slightly wavy along the edge. However, the growers choose this stunning plant not only for its beauty. It is able to saturate the air in the room with oxygen, cleanse the air of harmful impurities as well, and fill the home with favorable energy.
Growing conditions:
- lighting: Ficus Lyrata loves light, but does not like direct sunlight and tolerates a little shading. It should be noted that the plant will grow in the direction of the light, so it is necessary to rotate the pot with the plant.

- watering: the watering will depend on the size of the plant, as well as on the temperature and humidity in the house. Watering should be done only when the soil in the pot has begun to dry out. Water the soil from above, until it is evenly moistened. After 15 minutes, remove the water from the tray.

- fertilizing: Ficus Lyrata is fed from spring through summer, once in two weeks. Use compound mineral fertilizers for this plant.

- nuances: as a tropical plant, Ficus Lyrata appreciates high level of air humidity, which is 70-80%. So it is necessary to spray the plant with settled water daily and the trunk can be moistened with warm water. The leaves of the plant should be cleaned with moistened soft cloth. Ficus Lyrata appreciates warm shower at times as well. It is a warm-loving plant, so it needs a temperature between 68-77°C in summer and 59-68°C in winter. The temperature should not be below 54°C. Ficus Lyrata can react to cold with brown spots on the leaves. Ficus Lyrata grows very quickly, so a young plant is transplanted once a year, and an adult one – once every two years or when the root system has filled the entire pot. While repotting into bigger pot, keep the ball of soil not to damage its roots.

To make this gorgeous plant last and fill your life with joy, we encourage you to learn more about it online. Please be advised that not every plant is alike. Your plant may look little different from the advertised; however, be assured, we handpicked our plants to meet your expectations.

Our refund / replacement policy can be applied on the plants that arrive sick, damaged or dead. If you receive sick, damaged or dead plant, you need to notify us upon delivery, as well as you need to provide the pictures of sick, damaged or dead plant.

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