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            Discover the fascinating world of candle making with “Lights of Nature”!

Immerse yourself in the ancient art of candle making, reinterpreted through the use of natural and sustainable materials. Our comprehensive e-book takes you step-by-step through the process of candle making, from the basics to advanced techniques, giving you everything you need to know about this beautiful craft.

What she expects:

Introduction to Candle Making: Learn the history and meaning of candles and discover the benefits of using natural raw materials.
Candle Making Basics: Understand the different types of candles, basic materials and tools, and important safety instructions.
Step-by-step instructions: Follow detailed instructions to make various types of candles, including tea lights, pillar candles, scented candles and decorative candles.
Advanced Techniques: Experiment with marbling, layering, and embedding objects to personalize your candles.
Packaging and presentation: Discover creative and sustainable packaging ideas and learn how to label and brand your candles effectively.
Sales and Marketing: Get valuable tips on selling online, marketing strategies for handmade products, and participating in craft markets and trade shows.
Additional Resources: Benefit from an appendix with sources of materials, an FAQ section, and a glossary of terms.
"Suitable for beginners and experienced candle makers alike, 'Lights of Nature' is more than just an e-book - it's an entry into a community of like-minded people who value creativity, sustainability and the beauty of handmade candles."

Take the first step on your candle making journey and let your home shine with nature's homemade lights. Download your copy now!

Lights of Nature: The Art of Making Candles with Natural Raw Materials - Ebook

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