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            Julia Child is a hardy, own root floribunda rose. An All-America Rose Selection winner, Julia Child personally selected this floriferous rose to be named after her. A stunning rose in the garden, Julia Child rose combines the large, full, fragrant flowers of an old-fashioned rose with the hardiness of an own root rose. Julia Child exhibits a very pleasing rounded shape, that requires little pruning to maintain, and excellent disease resistance. A lovely scented rose, Julia Child rose has a unique sweet licorice scent that is intoxicating in the garden or as a cut flower in a fresh bouquet. Plant this hardy floribunda rose near a walkway or seating area so you can enjoy the rich, strong rose fragrance that increases with the heat of the day. The stiff, straight stems of Julia Child rose make it ideal as a cutting rose. Dormant shipping in late fall, winter.
Zones 4-10
Mature Height: 2-3 feet
Strong fragrance

Julia Child Rose Bush - Butter Yellow - 4" Pot

SKU: 1432650332
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