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            How to Paint a Cat in Watercolour.  PDF Guide – Blue Eyed Cat
This is an instant PDF download, you could start painting this beautiful cat in a matter of minutes. You don’t even need to wait for the post to arrive! You will receive a 22-page PDF document. Set out in the same way as the tutorials I write for magazines. However, you get lots more large photos of the different stages.

Learn how to paint this stunning cerulean blue-eyed cat, and you will be guided step by step through a range of watercolour techniques. These will include building up the strength of your colour tones to produce those amazing eyes. We will also work wet in wet to apply washes and detail. In addition, we will use the lifting off technique to create interest and form. We will of course finish with the watercolour white over the fur and for the whiskers. All this alongside a range of watercolour techniques and styles.

Go on, give it a go, this project is just purr…fect!

Downloadable lessons enable you to work at your own speed, you can dip in and out of the content, you can spend time studying the fine details and practise the various techniques as often as you like.

Have fun with this lesson, take your time and let me know how you get on. Try printing off the last few pages which have the larger versions of the step-by-step photos for additional help.

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How to Paint a Cat in Watercolour, Fur Painting PDF Guide, Realistic Watercolo

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