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Your plant needs to be watered, the soil needs to have certain nutrients, and it needs to be in an environment where it receives light for a certain amount of time. While outdoor plants in full sun will naturally receive both red and blue light, indoor plants might be lacking in it. Even plants next to a window may not be receiving enough of a certain part of the color spectrum.?Five Heads?[Best combination of red and blue light | 100 full-spectrum LEDs] 65 red LEDs and 35 blue LEDs provide the most common spectral light to promote the growth of indoor plants. Whether in indoor gardens or commercial greenhouses, yoyomax growth lamps can keep plants healthy and prosperous.[5 switch modes | 6 adjustable light options] yoyomax 5-head plant lamp, with 5 switch modes and 6 adjustable light options, is very suitable for indoor plants at all growth stages. You can turn each arm on/off individually and change the light intensity according to the growth stage.[Auto Off | Cycle Memory Timer] Three time settings enable you to keep the light on for 3, 6 or 12 hours to ensure that your plants get proper lighting at different stages. In addition, when the power is kept on, the yoyomax growth light will remember the latest settings and will be turned on at the same time the next day.[Flexible gooseneck | Removable fixture] The 360-degree rotatable neck allows you to place the light perfectly around a single plant or plant more plants at the same time. The detachable clip can meet the requirements of clamping on the table and standing.?Three Heads?Special Feature?Dimmable, 3-way switchingLight Source Type?LED? Auto On/Off Timer? 3 Light Modes? 3 Switch Modes? 6 Dimmable Options? Flexible Gooseneck? Sturdy ClampVoltage??120 Volts

Grow Light Plant Lights for Indoor Plants LED Lamp Bulbs Full Spectrum

SKU: MD1259618-25431528
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