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            Free Shipping Amethyst Falls bears large, light purple blossoms with a sweet fragrance that perfumes the garden air. Blooming heavily in spring then sporadically throughout the Summer and fall, this stunning vine covers arbors, pergolas and privacy screens with beauty and fragrance. Wisteria is a deciduous vine that should be pruned and trained during its Winter dormancy. 
Wisteria is often trained as a bonsai tree and is very hard to find. Very easy to grow, and will bloom quickly.

We ship Fast and we use UPS or USPS>
in the US. Your tree will be approximately 1 foot tall and will be shipped with the roots wrapped in
moist paper and then covered in plastic to preserve the moisture.

Free Shipping! Amethyist Falls Wisteria Tree Perfect for Bonsai or Trellis or A

SKU: 1327648276
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