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Find amazing new meanings to the mix of artistic �symbols drawn on this FOLKLORE Tote..

Great for Tech and Travel , FOLKLORE attracts because of it's embossed symbols.. the more we search , the more magical symbols are found which speak volumes to us about our poetry, legends, myths and fables..�What is amazing is different people find different symbols looking at the same FOLKLORE bag , which gives us a great insight in to our own personalities and we know more about our own ideologies, philosophies and fantasies..

Find a Sun symbol to find blazing success, find a little snail which urges you to slow down a little and feel at home where ever you go, find an evil eye and a charming snake symbol to ward of evils spirits and find a lucky fish and a singing bird to remind yourself of life full of beauty and dreams..


  • �The Tote Measures �16" WIDE, 11.5 " TALL, 4" DEEP.
  • Exterior is made of PU Man made Leather.
  • Interior has Satin Nylon lining , �Zipper pockets and�Wall pockets for essentials . Fits an iPad / Tablet, Wallet with Credit cards , Notebook, Glasses, Smartphone.
  • 2 Adjustable Brown Shoulder straps.�
  • Zipper closure on top of the bag to secure everything.�
  • It comes in vibrant colors like: MINT, ORANGE, IVORY, PINK, HOT PINK ,WHITE AND BLACK.

Folklore Tote With Embossed Art

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