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            As fashionably beautiful as it sounds, the Fashion Azalea is truly a beautiful sight to behold. Absolutely lovely used as an accent in your garden to add a pop of color or grouped together to create a border or hedge, the medium-sized red flowers that cover this incredible evergreen shrub are so gorgeous they belong on a runway like a model. Preferring partial sun and regular watering to complete its moderate growth rate to its maximum size of 2-4 feet tall and 3-5 feet wide, you should also keep the roots cool by surrounding them in mulch for the best airflow possible. A stunning hummingbird attracting flower paired with lush green foliage, you'll want to plant your fine-looking Fashion Azalea shrubs in the front yard to make your landscaping really shine from the road. This magnificent plant thrives in the acidic soil it creates so it's best to place near other plants that grow in acidic soil as well.

Size Options:
1 Gallon (1-2 Feet)
3 Gallon (2-3 Feet)

1 Gallon Plants are generally 6 inches to 2 feet tall and 6 to 18 inches wide depending on the type of shrub.
3 Gallon Plants are generally 1 to 3 feet tall and 1 to 2 feet wide depending on the type of shrub.

Fashion Azalea, Azalea Plant, Azalea, Evergreen Shrub, Red Flowers, Colorful Pl

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