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            Lifewithpets 3D Printed Under substate Corner Fish Tunnel/Cave. Ideal for many types of fish. They’re also suitable for terrariums. The above video is of the extra large tunnel.

How to use: Place the tunnel against the glass and add 2.5 inches of substrate to hold it in place. The extra large tunnel will need 3 inches. This item will not work without substrate.

The corner tunnel will enrich your fishes environment. The fish can hide and explore but you can still see them! To encourage your fish into the tunnel you can put some food into it.

***Due to the nature of this product we do not offer returns. Please check tunnel sizing BEFORE buying to make sure your fish will fit and it will fit your tank. Whilst our fish love the tunnels we cannot guarantee all fish will use it.

This Item will not work without substrate.

Approximate Dimensions:
Small 2 pieces with straight sides and connector clips.
Approximate size
Total Length 6.25" x 6.25" inches.
Tunnel height 1 3/4” inches.
Opening 2" x 2"

Large 3 Piece with straight sides and connector clips.
Total Length 8.25" x 8.25" inches.
Tunnel height 1 3/4” inches
2" x 2"

Measure your tank carefully. The Extra Large CORNER tunnel will NOT fit in 10, 20, 29 or 55 gallon tanks.

Extra Large 3 piece with angled sides and connector clips. Only compatible with 40g BREEDER, 60g, 75g and above tanks. It will NOT fit regular 40G tanks.

Extra Large Total Length 12.25" x 12.25" inches
Overall Tunnel height 3" inches
Opening 3" x 3"

These items are made as ordered. Shipping times are a little longer than the rest of our items on our store. This item may ship separately.

Made in the USA

For international orders all customs or taxes are the responsibility of the buyer. Shipping is not refundable on international orders. We do not accept returns on our products.

Corner Undergravel Fish and Terrarium Tunnel Fish Cave Fish Hide. Aquarium tunn

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