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            Let yourself relax, center yourself and bring your mind back home when you are playing with the Singing Bowl. Hold it on the open palm of your hand and tap it or keep playing around the rim, observing the vibration & sound as it goes along. 

The vibrations & sound of the singing bowls can produce beneficial changes in the body by reducing stress, opening & balancing the chakras, harmonizing the cells, and can even stimulate the immune system and produce beneficial changes in brain waves.

The Chakra's singing bowls are coming each one in a box with a mallet & mat in a matching color to the certain chakra, with the chakra sign on the bowl & box, and an explanation of each chakra.

The chakras bowls are in 3.5" size, in a high pitch tone.

Perfect as a gift for any occasion for Yoga lover, meditation practitioner, mindfulness practice, Relaxation, Chakra Healing, Balancing the mind, reducing stress, sound bath practice & inner peace.

The Chakra singing bowls are in a different note, all with high pitch, but are not necessarily correspond with the Chakra's note itself. If you would like a singing bowls which is for each Chakra you will have to build your own set with the exact note.

You can buy a single chakra bowl in a chakra of your choice or get the whole set in a discounted price.

For a whole Chakra healing gift set check:

Check out more variation of Singing bowls in our shop:§ion_id=28681233

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Chakra Singing Bowls Set or Single Chakra bowl. Tibetan Singing bowls, Healing

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