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            A Canva Workbook Template to edit yourself using a Canva free account.  100 page templates which can be used as an ebook template which includes 4 ebook cover pages, 10 checklist templates plus Canva templates listed below.  This one template can be used as a basis for all your business documentation from brochure template to course handout to process charts and upsell documents.


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This ebook template is ideal for use as a blogger template when producing a side hustle workbook or coaching templates. Suitable for any side hustle lead magnet to grow your email list, this template can be adapted to suit any business as a brochure template, magazine template or as handout course template. There are many different formats to support learning and adapt as a key part of your coaching tools to bring more business in.

This ebook template can be easily edited in Canva using free elements. No additional charge will be incurred when using Canva. Upon purchase of this listing, you will receive a link which you click and open in your Canva account.

Template includes100 ebook template pages:

4 Title Pages
1 Welcome Page
3 About Us Pages
1 Objection Selling Page
3 Managing Expectations Pages
4 Table of Contents Pages
1 Timeline Flow Page
1 Copyright Notice Page
12 Content Pages
10 Checklists
4 Challenge Pages
5 Question and Answer Pages
3 Multiple choice Quizzes
2 Feedback Surveys
3 Quiz Templates
2 Essay Style Question Pages
13 Diagram Content Pages
6 Cheatsheet Templates
9 Process Flow Pages
5 Puzzle Templates
4 Self Assessment Sheets
3 Upsell Pages
1 Thank You Page

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What are you buying? - 1x 100 page Canva Template to customize using Canva.
How do I download it? - A link will be sent to you via email to open a PDF document. This document contains a link to Canva. You will be able to download from Etsy Conversations
How do I open the Download? - Click on the file and it will open in your web browser. If it doesn't, open from File Explorer. It will most likely be in your downloads folder
How do I Print the file? - You don't need to print the file, simply click on the link to be taken to Canva. Then click Make a Copy and the template will be added to "Your Projects" in your Canva Account.
Returns Policy - As this is an instant download digital products, I do not accept returns.
Printing Permissions - You may print this product for your personal use as many times as you like once you have customized it.
Restrictions on Product Use - The file must not be shared or sold in part or whole. The template MUST be customized before it is shared.

Any More Questions? - Send me a message via Etsy and I'll be pleased to answer any questions you may have about this product.

Canva Ebook Template - Course Workbook Template

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