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            ❄️Winter Shipping Requirements: If the temperature is below 40 degrees during the next week where you live, you must purchase this shipping upgrade to claim DOA. There are no exceptions. 
This shipping upgrade includes a hot pack and a rigid box. It is well worth the $6.00. ❄️

Buy 2 Get 1 Free: Valid on all items with Buy 2 Get 1 Free in the title. Just purchase 2, and we will send the 3rd free.

📬Free Priority Mail shipping upgrade when you spend $50 or more. Get your plants quicker and healthier!
✅ Snail Free Plants!

✅ Live Arrival Guarantee!

✅ 1 Month After Order Customer Support(Plants aren't doing well? We can help you diagnose the problem!)

✅Satisfaction Guaranteed!

🤑Spend $35 or more on your order and we will send you a free plant or a nerite snail. Your choice! Just leave us a note with your order and it will be included!

❓Have more questions? Just send us a message and we will respond within a few hours.

🤔 Not sure what to order? Click the custom order button on our shop page and we can help you pick out what would be best for your aquarium!

BUY2GET1FREE Dwarf Hair Grass Live Aquarium Pond Plant

SKU: 1474248056
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