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            Homestead Homeschool Curriculum - Digital Download

Build Your Own Homestead – Little Learners Homestead Science
is the first of the Homestead Science series. This curriculum is an interactive homeschool curriculum that will introduce your child to small scale farming. This one of a kind homestead curriculum is designed for pre-school through to 3rd or 4th grade depending on your child and whether this will be used as a full curriculum or supplemental to another curriculum.

Build Your Own Homestead is designed to give your child a better understanding of where their food comes from. This allows them to take ownership in providing food for the family, whether that’s understanding what they are choosing at the grocery store, helping you tend to the garden, or gathering eggs from your chickens.

Homesteading is a science on multiple different levels. Agriculture, animal science, food science, experimentation, and social science are used every day on the homestead.
Set includes:

Homestead Alphabet Coloring Book
Little Learner's Homestead Science (with Poster, Stories, and Deed)
Little Learner's Expansion Pack for Guided Lessons and Older Learner's

Homestead Science is also a great option for afterschool activities, summer learning, and co-ops!

Build Your Own Homestead - Little Learner's Homestead Science (Digital)

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