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            A Low Maintenance, Stylish & Detoxifying Palm Tree
- Most efficient air purifier and humidifier
- Pest Resistant
- Drought Resistant

The Areca Palm Tree, also known as the Yellow Butterfly Palm, is a native of Madagascar and can improve your life in many ways. For instance, this tree will improve your air quality by absorbing potentially harmful gasses in your home. Just imagine how relaxed you will be after buying this palm tree knowing it not only provides excellent decor, but it also protects you and your family from almost all pollutants present in the air. Oh, it is also non-toxic and safe for your furry family members, too.

The Easiest House Plant Ever
You will not want to miss out on one of the easiest plants to grow indoors! The Areca Palm tree has feathery green fronds, or leaves, that are smooth and glossy. Each frond has 100 leaflets that bend and brush against one another creating a comforting sound that will become hypnotic. Growing in Zones 9-11 outdoors, this tropical plant can withstand temperatures as low as 30 degrees. This slow growing palm tree will grow 6-10 inches per year, and will grow to a mature height of 6-7 feet if planted in a container, or about 15-30 feet if planted in the ground.

Buttery Flowers in the Early Summer
This palm tree will produce tiny golden flowers beneath its large fronds during the late spring or early summer. The flowers do not have a potent smell. Actually, the smell is very bland and unnoticeable. A few months after the yellow flowers bloom, non-edible light green to yellow fruit will appear as well. The fruit will then turn hues of yellow and orange once they ripe.

A Getaway Privacy Hedge
These palm trees can be used as a privacy hedge! If planted in full sun they will provide an amazing privacy screen because the fronds will become nice and thick. However, because of the amount of sun it will be getting, you may notice that the fronds will begin to turn yellow. If you plant it in full shade, the fronds will remain green, but the coverage will be thin. The best option for your privacy, and for your Areca Palm, would be to plant it in an area that gets both full and partial sun. The fronds will turn yellow if it is exposed to the harsh afternoon sun. If planted in an area that gets 3-6 hours of morning or early afternoon sun you will get your thick privacy screening and green fronds. Simply space your trees 3-6 feet apart. It will create an excellent dense barrier to block out unfriendly views that you may have.

Areca Palm Tree - Cannot Ship to AZ

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