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            Aquarium Corner Underground Tunnel

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If your pets like to hide in every corner of your aquarium, this corner cave is for you!

The cave is fixed against the glass of your aquarium it allows your fish to hide and allows you to admire them at the same time!

This object allows you to add depth to your aquarium and use the space in the foreground.

The cave comes in two parts, you can glue them together or let your substrate hold them in place!

15x15cm: Perfect for small fish and shrimp!
Part A: 15x4x4cm - 5.9x1.6x1.6 inches
Part B: 11x4x4cm - 4.3x1.6x1.6 inches
3.8x3.8cm - 1.5x1.5 inches

20x20cm: Perfect for medium sized animals!
Part A: 20x5x5cm - 7.9x2x2 inches
Part B: 15x5x5cm - 5.9x2x2 inches
4.8x4.8cm - 1.9x1.9 inches

Do not hesitate to contact me for custom projects

Aquarium and Terrarium Corner Underground Tunnel, 2 Sizes

SKU: 1286733612
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