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            Anemone Coronaria De Caen Mix are an excellent choice for groundcover under taller Tulips.  They are also great for borders, rock gardens, pots and containers.  You will receive top sized bulbs (8+cm).  These beauties perform best in full sun but will tolerate some shade.  They do require well drained soil and have a strong dislike of soggy wetness (wet feet).

Storage . . . Store flower bulbs in a cool dry spot with good air circulation and low humidity until you are ready to plant them. Most flower bulbs should tolerate temperatures between 38-70 F. However, you will want to protect them from heat, frost and strong sunlight. Your flower bulbs should be firm to the touch. Ideally, you should plant them right away.

Planting . . . Plant your Anemone bulbs in well drained soil at a depth of double the height of the bulb. When their foliage pushes through the soil in the spring, fertilize your Anemone bulbs with a general low-nitrogen fertilizer.

We package our bulbs carefully and ship them quickly from our greenhouse to you. They arrive safely, ready to plant and thrive in your garden! Because we want your plant to thrive, we include detailed planting instructions with each purchase.

This listing is for 12 (twelve) 8+cm bulbs.

Type: Perennial - Blooms Every Year

Growth: 10 Inches

Spread: 3 Inches

Spacing: 3 - 4 Inches

Hardiness Zones: 4 - 8

Sun: Full Sun, Partial Shade

Bulb Size: 8+cm

Plant: Fall; Use Well Drained Soil.

Bloom: Spring

Attracts: Butterflies

Resists: Deer, Rabbits and Squirrels

Anemone Coronaria 'De Caen Mix' Flower Bulbs

SKU: 1668617240
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