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            In the heartbeat of your indoor oasis or the embrace of your outdoor haven, our 6-Pack Terracotta Plant Watering Spikes stand as guardians, ensuring your plants thrive even when your footsteps lead you away. This isn't just a set of devices; it's a pact with nature, a promise of care that echoes even in your absence.

*Terracotta Symphony:* Crafted from terracotta clay, these watering spikes are not just tools; they are whispers of tradition, fragile yet resilient. The terracotta magic lies in its slow-release property, ensuring a steady flow of life-sustaining water to your beloved plants.

*Wine Bottle Elegance:* Picture an easy ritual – a dance with wine or plastic bottles. Dig a hole, gently insert the watering stakes into the soil, and let the magic begin. Fill your chosen bottle with water, connect it with the stakes, and turn it upside down. It's a ballet of hydration, a seamless connection between the bottle and the soil, bringing life to your green companions.

*Economic Harmony:* In the embrace of sustainability, this package offers not just 6 watering stakes but a symphony of water-saving elegance. Each spike, 6.3 inches long and weighing 3.52 oz, becomes a beacon of economic choice. Choose your used wine bottles or long neck plastic bottles, let them embrace the stakes, and witness a garden nurtured without the need for constant labor.

*A Slow Dance of Hydration:* These stakes aren't just water bearers; they are caretakers during your moments of absence. There's no standard time for their slow release; it's a dance with variables like pot size, soil composition, plant needs, and the climate's whispers. A liter of water becomes a lifeline, stretching 7-10 days, a gentle rhythm to prevent overwatering and cradle your plants during your vacation.

*Guardians of Green Dreams:* Before you embark on your journey, test the releasing speed of these plant waterers. It's not just a test; it's a vow to protect the life within the soil. In your absence, these terracotta watering spikes become the silent guardians, ensuring your plants continue their dance of life, sustained by the promise of hydration and care.

6-Pack Terracotta Plant Watering Spikes for Indoor and Outdoor Plants - Self Wa

SKU: 1645076378
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