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            Please always handle glass globes with care and do not force them into the soil. Fill the globe with water to approx. 80%, make a hole in the soil with a long, thin implement such as a pencil or screwdriver, then carefully insert the globe. This prevents soil from being pressed into the neck during insertion and reduces the risk of glass breakage. The set includes 2pcs hand-blown glass waterers with a unique mushroom shape. Overall Length: 10.25”, Water Reservoir Storage Capacity: 110mL.

An elegant piece of art to decorate your greenhouse, garden, backyard, patio, etc. and suitable for home, office, school, business and more. Crafted with durable high-density glass, it is non-toxic, odorless and ideal for all plant sizes. The narrow tube opening makes it easier to insert the neck into soil and water in the globe will last longer. The water level inside is clearly visible, and you can enjoy the wonderful decoration in your growing area all year round.

The draining speed of water depends on various factors, including the type of soil in the pot, the amount of water the plant needs, the ambient temperature, etc. Change the insert angle to adjust the rate of emptying and water the plant thoroughly before using the waterer to prevent it from emptying more quickly than expected. To prevent dirt from clogging the waterer, you can wrap the tip with a piece of air-permeable cloth after adding water.


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2 Pack Self Watering Bulb Hand Blown Glass Globe Pot Plant Waterer Home Indoor

SKU: 1668582307
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